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We have a highly skilled and dedicated team onboard that shares our commitment to putting the best interests of young Aboriginal males first to achieve the best outcomes for every program participant, their families and communities.

24/7 staff supervision

Recognising our duty of care, we maintain an appropriate level of staff supervision at all times to deliver a safe, nurturing and accessible support service for all participants. This means the Tirkandi Centre is staffed by three shifts over 24 hours, seven days a week.

At any one time, there may be as many as six youth workers on hand to provide the developmental guidance and program delivery (a ratio of one youth worker for every 2.4 participants). And while the Assistant Manager and resident CEO work standard business hours, they are both on-call 24/7.


Responsible for the day-to-day management of the Tirkandi team, the CEO also leads, co-ordinates and facilitates business planning processes, policy development and implementation and performance reporting. The CEO advises the Tirkandi Committee on all aspects of the centre’s operations, and represents Tirkandi in our dealings with Indigenous communities, other government and non-government service providers, funding agencies and other stakeholders.

Assistant manager

Part of the executive leadership team, our Assistant Manager manages and coaches our teams of youth workers and case managers, ensuring all our participants receive the support they need, in line with Tirkandi’s Service Provision Guidelines. They also play a key role in reporting and analysis to inform and drive case management practice improvement.

Team leader

Responsible for the day-to-day strong leadership of the Youth Work Team, and the implementation and monitoring of participant engagement and wellbeing. They support and monitor their team to ensure effective client-centered and trauma-informed practice is delivered. They coordinate the planning and implementation of high-quality activities designed to engage the participants by addressing their needs, and deliver the outcomes identified in individual Case Plans and the Tirkandi Program Logic

Case managers

Liaising and working holistically with Tirkandi participants, as well as key external agencies and stakeholders, our case workers match programs and services to individual risks and needs and utilise a range of intervention strategies to build the resilience and potential of our participants. And their work extends beyond the Tirkandi program, with the delivery of exit and post-program reports to establish fully-supported transition plans so participants can return to their family and community with the very best potential for success.

Community and safety coordinator

The first point of contact for families, local government, other service providers and community organisations, our community and safety coordinator ensures every application and intake is culturally sensitive and responsive to the needs of Aboriginal families and communities within the Tirkandi catchment area. They are also responsible for promoting the development of a culture of ‘safety first’, advising our leaders and workers on all health and safety matters and requirements under WHS legislation.

Youth workers

The role models and providers of consistent guidance, mentorship and support to our participants, our youth workers demonstrate positive attributes that allow participants to learn and feel safe, which subsequently reduces disengagement, builds resilience, increases educational engagement and encourages future goal setting. All our youth workers are trained in, and have a solid understanding of, the impact of trauma and how this can relate to behaviours exhibited by our young Aboriginal male participants.


All our teaching staff are employed by the Department of Education five days a week to deliver personalised and culturally-appropriate education packages, and create a classroom environment where all program participants receive the level of one-on-one support they need.

Facility maintenance crew

Working tirelessly to provide a safe, hygienic, interesting and supportive environment within which our participants can learn, live and thrive, our team is meticulous in maintaining Tirkandi’s Work Health and Safety legislative adherence.

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