Vision and philosophy

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At Tirkandi, we share a vision for our young Aboriginal people to become the leaders of tomorrow. To become strong and knowledgeable family and community members who will empower the next generation of young Aboriginals to strive for, and achieve, self-determined lives.

Our mission

To lead in the delivery of professional, innovative and culturally-based support programs for at-risk Aboriginal youth.

Our philosophy

The Tirkandi Inaburra philosophy aims to empower young Aboriginal males to develop and draw on their own resilience and take responsibility for their own lives. 

Cultural pride, identity and self-confidence

The promotion of cultural knowledge, pride, identity and self-confidence is central to the development of resilient young Aboriginal males and forms the foundation for the Tirkandi Inaburra Program.

Person-centred and trauma-informed

Through a person-centred, trauma-informed approach, Tirkandi participants are able to develop strategies to increase their social and emotional wellbeing, maintain engagement with their education and minimise the risk of becoming involved in the criminal justice system.


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