Term 3 – 2021 is here!!!!

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Better late than never – Term 3, 2021 has begun!

Our 7-intrepid young fellas (reduced from the normal 14 for COVID-19 safety reasons) arrived on Monday 12th July, and since that time have been immersed in a program of cultural exposure, school-based education, social & emotional wellbeing programs, and lots and lots of fun, excitement and laughter.

So far they have:

  • started to learn traditional dance and Wiradjuri language
  • commenced work on their very own didgeridoo and began playing lessons
  • learned about cyber-safety, Aboriginal history, peer pressure, the importance of family, and numerous other strategies
  • started building traditional humpies

In addition to the above, our young fellas have visited Uncle Mick Lyons’ Sandhill Artefacts in Narrandera for a fantastic cultural tour, explored Cocaparra National Park, enjoyed a great art program with the lovely Kerri Weymouth, and settled in at the Tirkandi Learning Centre (school.)

Some of the relaxing “down-time” activities undertaken have been a visit to Family Funland and bowling in Griffith, bike riding and building jumps, swimming (even though it’s been snowman weather), skateboarding, fishing, and lots of prizes for effort, best-bedroom and “Walwaay of the Week”!!